About us


Our history

Tradition and dedication for high quality oils from the heart of Granada

Our history is related with the land and its cycles, from cereals, vineyards to olive trees. The family traditions emerge around these raw materials, sharing the goodness of the products that have been farmed for decades around the Haciendas and farms of Jaen, which is considered the first olive oil producer region in the world.

As far back as we can trace our family genealogy in the XVIII century, the Zafra family was linked to the Nobility and the Clergy. At that time, olive production was far different to what we see nowadays. Throughout the generations, the Zafra family has adapted the olive oil production process through plantation shifts, harvesting, processing, storage and conservation to guarantee the finest quality oils. Despite their long history, the Zafra family’s journey has remained constant, as they moved towards the trade and commercial side rather than production, which they have applied themselves to ever since, using their business and commercial experience to the descendants.

La Hacienda de Isabel pays tribute to Isabel, mother of the founder, who represents the values of the Zafra family, recognised for their commercial and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Company


La Hacienda de Isabel is dedicated to the trade, bottling and export of high-quality vegetable oils.

With a well-recognised journey and knowledge of the industry, both on a national and international scale, La Hacienda de Isabel has over thirty years of experience.
Since 2017, the company is strategically located in the metropolitan area of Granada, in the town of Láchar, close to the airport and connected to the city centre of Granada via the main Andalusian highway, the A-92. La Hacienda de Isabel is just a few kilometres away from Sierra Nevada.
Currently, La Hacienda de Isabel´s innovative facilities include a multiformat packaging plant, specialised laboratory and large storage space to maintain the maximum quality of the oils.
The company has an experienced team across all departments, from production, sales, administration and quality departments, with the common goal of offering a differential quality service to our clients throughout our value chain.



Diversification represents the long-term growth strategy for the company, as well as a responsible management of the environmental impact to reduce overall footprint and a contribution to circular economy.

Among our research and development programs at La Hacienda de Isabel are the constant study of the olive oil benefits for our health and lifestyle, and olive oil as a key element for the Mediterranean diet. Currently, La Hacienda de Isabel is under certification process for international environmental management standards to guarantee eco-friendly products to our end users, reduction of waste and continuous improvement plans.


Internationalisation is one of the company’s strategic axes.

International sales are part of our DNA with a dedicated export department who offer guidance while also helping to adapt the product to the international demand.