Premium Olive Oils


La Alquería de Zafra Premium stands out for being a premium ranking oil for even the most demanding of palates.

To guarantee its excellent quality, much care is taken throughout the entire process, from the picking method, the cutting, the olives’ nutrition, the watering, the crushing, and storage etc. throughout the year in order to guarantee a quality and consistent harvest. It must be noted that the privileged location of the olive groves in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada means that the olives benefit from both the climate and magnetism of the mountains, influencing the originality and identity of the oil.

The fruit is picked half ripe to ensure that the olive is just right. Earlier picking by hand, while the olives are still green with their skin intact, determines the excellence of a Premium oil, as it contributes to the quality of the oleic juice obtained from both the Picual and Arbequina varieties.