Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Extra Virgin

The Alquería de Zafra EVO is mainly produced from Picual olives (Olea Europea Sativa) and Hojiblanco olives and is one of the most important varieties in Spain and the Andalusian olive groves in terms of production and harvests.

This variety of olive is noted for its high oleic acid content, monounsaturated and high in polyphenols, giving it a great balance and a certain resistance when it comes to rancidity.

The quality of an extra virgin olive oil is guaranteed through the assurance of every variable, from the perfect ripeness of the fruit to the picking and handling methods in addition to the crushing, packaging and storage processes. Alquería de Zafra is very demanding when it comes to controlling these variables.

This extra virgin olive oil is exclusively obtained through mechanic pressing techniques, with no temperature imposed during the oil production process. This ensures the oil has the best possible properties in terms of balance, with highly fruity organoleptic aromas. The acidity of this product is no higher than 0.8%, and it has an excellent scent and taste.


Bottle 500 ml.
Bottle 750 ml.
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